What's In My Bag: Healthy & Eco-friendly

In this post you will find: my current favorite 12 healthy and eco-friendly items I always have in my work purse. I hope you enjoy!!

what's in my bag: healthy & eco-friendly

I am in love with all of the fashionable options out there available for us to live a colorful and luxurious life that is also healthy and eco-friendly.

I remember when I first went vegan 5 years ago and how different things were. At the time, I had become very conscious of my impact on others lives and on the environment. I stopped eating animal products and I tried to be more mindful of the products/clothes/materials I was purchasing for myself. 

Back then, there weren't a lot of brands making gorgeous and luxurious products that weren't made of animal-derived materials (leather/silk/cashmere/fur). But now, 2018, we can find extremely high-quality products made from a plant-sourced material that are similar and sometimes even excesses the quality of animal-derived materials. 

Take my purse and wallet from the photo above as an example. They are made from vegan leather!! 

Another element of living consciously is being aware of the trash we create daily. I have recently started to become more aware of this and I am learning how I can change my habits. As for now, I do bring with me in my purse a reusable glass bottle and bamboo utensils instead of opting for the less ideal plastic options. 

Below you will find 12 healthy and eco-friendly things I have been bringing around with me in my work purse. I hope you enjoy!


what's in my bag: healthy & eco-friendly


1. Matt & Nat Vegan Leather Purse And Wallet: I absolutely love this brand and the purse and wallet I purchase from them. All of their products are made with no animal-based materials, and their linings are made from recycled plastic. The quality is outstanding. Eco-friendly luxury at its finest. (I purchased the bag and the wallet at a all vegan shop in Portland, OR called The Herbivore Clothing Company)

2. Productivity PlannerI am in love with this planner. If you have trouble with procrastination and setting work goals, this planner might be your solution - it was for me! Bonus: the Productivity Planner's cover is made from a textured, vegan-leather composite material, and the inner pages are FSC Certified paper.

3. Notebook: Nothing special about this notebook except for how cute it is! I purchased it a couple of months back at Office Max. 

4. Go-To Ware Reusable Bamboo Utensils: Since I often bring food on-the-go from home, I need to bring utensils from home as well. Instead of buying cheap plastic ware, I got these reusable bamboo ones. They are great! I have owned them for over 4 years now and they are still in perfect condition. 

5. Scarf: Miami might be a hot city, but every indoor space has its AC on to the max! So you will always see me with a scarf in my purse for those moments that I am freezing and need to cover up.

6. Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate: I first got this chocolate because it is 88% cocoa and I like my chocolate bars super dark. But after purchasing it I researched more about the company and I fell in love with their mission. 10% of their net profits are donated to organizations fighting more animals rights. Their products are fair-trade, vegan, and non-GMO (which means their care for their farmers, the animals, and the environment)!

7. Go Raw Banana Bread Sprouted Bar: I have been buying Go Raw products for at least 3 years now, and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to stay healthy and stay vegan. All of their products are raw, with minimum ingredients (3-5 usually), and all ingredients are recognizable. I always have one of their snacks with me on the go. (Thank you to Go Raw for kindly sponsoring this post with your snacks!)

8. Retap Reusable Glass Bottle: I ran into this reusable glass water bottle while shopping at The Container Store. One of my favorite bottles of all times. Its a perfect size to carry around, the cap is super secure, and the glass is thin so it does not add much extra weight in my bag. It is a much better alternative - for your health and for the environment - than to drink from plastic bottles. 

9. doTerra Wild Orange & Lemon Essential Oils: You guys might know by now that I am falling more and more in love with doTerra essential oils lately. These are 2 of their oils that I have been using every single day. I add a 2 drops of each in my water 1-3x a day. It helps cleanse my body, improve digestion, and supports my immune system. (Contact me if you also want to experience the benefits of essential oils in your life.)

10. MacBook ProMy best friend ;]

11. doTerra TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes: I always had a very slow and difficult digestion growing up. Going vegan and exercising improve it a lot! But I like to support my body even more by taking digestive enzymes with my meals. I have been taking 1-3 capsules of this enzyme for 3 months now and it's working wonders. 

12. Crema Mani Natural Hand Lotion: I bought this hand lotion during my family trip to Italy last month. It's all natural and made with lavender essential oils (it smells like heaven!). Unfortunately you can only purchase it there so there is no link to share. 


Now that I opened up my purse for you, I would love if you did the same for me! 

Share below in the comments what are your favorite healthy and eco-friendly items that you always carry around in your bag! I love learning about new mindful brands and products. 

Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. xoxo