My American Airlines Vegan Meal & How You Can Request Yours

Hiiiii everyone!!!!!! Oh my, it has been a while since we talked! I have so much to share. 

I want to start by bragging about my 2-week family trip to Italy that just came to a close. Ahhh if I could have taken all of you with me I would have because I know you would all have loved it!

The art, the rich history of the cities, the amazing food (I was surprised with all of the vegan options - but more on that in my next post). We visited famous museums, we took a day long cooking class on Italian cuisine in a Tuscany farm, and I even went to see a Barcelona vs Rome soccer game at the Rome soccer stadium (that was a crazy awesome experience!)

Now I am back and I have so much to share about traveling as a vegan, and I wanted to start with the flights. Bellow I will share with you how to request vegan meals on your next flight and what those meals look like (I took this trip in April 2018).

Traveling from Miami to Italy takes anywhere from an 8 to 10 hours flying. On our way there, we flew Miami -> Milan, and back it was Rome -> Charlotte -> Miami. 



If you are traveling a long flight, it is most likely there will be 1 - 2 meals provided to you by the airline during the trip. In my case, both flights - going and returning from Italy - we were given 2 meals: a meal + a snack.

If you are fighting with American Airlines, you have to call them to request a special meal 24 hours or earlier before your flight. I called 3 days prior to my trip to notify them just to be on the safe side. If you are flying with a different airline, check out their website to know how long in advance you have to make the special meal request. 

When you arrive at the airport, let the gate agent and flight attendant know you ordered a special meal. Go here to read more on the American Airlines website on how to order your special meal and which options they have. 



So, I did everything I told you to do above when I went on this trip. However, when checking in at the airport on our way to Italy, my family decided to get a seat upgrade. We went from sitting Economy to Economy Plus, which was a bit more comfortable, especially during a long flight like this. 

My mistake was to not have told the check-in agent to make sure my special meal request was also being applied to my upgraded seat. When it came time for our meals on the flight, they did not have my vegan option. 



I was lucky that I brought food from home to this flight. I know I didn't have to since I had made the special meal request, but I had leftover dinner from the previous night. Either I would throw it away or bring it with me. Thank goodness I chose that second option. 

The flight attendant was nice enough to bring me a tray with the only vegan options they had: a small salad, bread (which actually wasn't vegan) and some salt and pepper. Below I have photos of the food I brought from home and what they gave me. It was quinoa, baked veggies, avocado, flax seeds, and some seasoning. It was actually just what I needed to hold me over until we arrived in Milan. 





My meal experience on the way back was much much better because they had my vegan meals. I was still afraid that maybe they wouldn't have it, so I searched for food at the airport prior to entering the plane. But my lack of time kept me from getting anything. Thankfully, they were prepared. 

We had 2 meals during this flight: a meal + a snack. 



These photos below show you the first meal. They gave me a small salad, sliced fruit - that was actually very sweet and yummy, a water bottle, olive oil, vegan butter (I was surprised that they had it), rice crackers, and the main dish was an Indian inspired rice, vegetables, and beans meal that was great! I was a happy camper (or should I say 'happy flyer'?)

IMG_6643 2.jpg



Hours later they came by with snacks. Everyone was given something that looked like a breakfast burrito. For me, they had this carrot, coriander, and cumin hot wrap. Not as good as the other meal, but I was super happy that they had a vegan option for me!




I was very happy with the vegan options they offered me. They were tasty and satisfying. Not necessarily the healthiest, but what did you expect from a plane meal?!

I am a bit upset that they missed my special meal request on the first flight. If I hadn't brought my own from home I would have starveddddddd - ok maybe I am exaggerating, but not eating for 9 hours wouldn't have been fun. 


Well guys, that's it for this post. I hope this gave you a bit more insight into what vegans meal they offer in an American Airlines flight, and that you got some tips on how to order your special meal next time you travel. 

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