the quick and easy HOMEMADE ALMOND MILK RECIPE | with step by step photos

Curious to make your own almond milk in a few steps? You came to the right place.  

I only became interested in drinking nut milks after I started eating a plant-based diet, however, I wish I had made the switch before I went vegan. Milk and all dairy products always made me very bloated and with an upset stomach due to my inability to deal with lactose. 

Almond milk is a great alternative for anyone who's bodies do not thrive with cow's milk (and it is a cruelty-free option as well ;] )

Nut milks are widely available in supermarkets nowadays. Almond, cashews, and even rice milk tend to be the most popular. But why buy it when you can make it yourself?

Commercial food products, even the healthiest options, still contain preservatives and pasteurization processes to extend the product's shelf life. When made at home, the almond milk has a much smoother, richer, flavorful taste profile, and it is fun to brag to your friend you make your own milk ;]

You will only need 3 ingredients for the recipe: raw almonds, filtered water, and dates (or your favorite sweetener option) + a blender, a nut milks bag, and a jar/pitcher. First step is to soak the almonds overnight in a closed container with filtered water. Soaking your almond 8+ hrs neutralizes the enzymes inhibitors in the nut, allowing for better digestion. Soaking also breaks down the phytic acid in the nut, which tends to bind to minerals in our bodies inhibiting proper absorption. When soaked, the phytic acid is broken down and properly absorbed. 

After soaking, you will want to drain and clean the almonds before adding them to the blender with 1 liter of filtered water and 2 pitted dates. 

The dates are completely optional. 2 dates will not make the milk very sweet, but it will just give it a hint of sweetness. If you are looking for a lower calorie and carb free option, stevia is another option I use. I would experiment with 10 drops at first and increasing/decreasing the quantity depending on your desired sweetness.  

I like to blend the milk in 3 stages, starting at the lowest setting on my Vitamix for 1.5 minutes, then blend for another 1.5 minutes on medium, and finishing with a final 2 minutes on the highest setting. 

When done, line a large bowl with the nut milk bag, then squeeze and press the bag to extract as much milk as possible. You will be left with a semi dry almond pulp inside the bag (the pulp can be later used for baking and cooking - you can try this almond pulp crackers recipe by Detoxinista).

Pour your drained almond milk in your favorite sealable jar/pitcher and refrigerate it. (There isn't an exact amount of days the milk will be god for; however, 4 days has been a good number for me). 

You can play around with the recipe and create different flavor variation. Chocolate powder, matcha powder, vanilla extract, turmeric, cinammon, fresh strawberries, and mint are a few options to think about ;]

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Did you try the recipe? Did you play around with different flavors? Let me know bellow   ;] 

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