An organic bath bomb detox kit that helps the environment

I am overly excited and happy to share this amazing product with you guys! This brand is everything I want this blog to be, so it seems fitting to make it my first blog post. 

Simply Coco was created by Christina and Ralph, two beautiful souls I have the pleasure to know. Their brand has the most amazing core values to not only help its consumers (by leaving out any toxic ingredients and bringing in natural and benefit-rich ingredients), but also to help our planet. With every product purchased, Simply Coco will plant a tree! To make it even better, every set is made in the USA, organic and vegan certified, cruelty free and Coconut Oil based.

Most of us are familiar with bath bombs. They are hard packed mixtures of ingredients that effervesces when wet. They are used when taking a bath to add scent, bubbles and color to the bathwater. But not all bath bombs are made the same, and that is why I want to share Simply Coco with you guys. 

Bath's can be a healing/detox experience, so what you are putting into you bath water can either benefit or harm you. Most commercial bath bombs can actually be toxic for our bodies, which completely defeats its purpose. They contain synthetic scents (which most are delivered from petroleum), artificial dyes (which are absorbed by your skin in the bath and goes straight into your bloodstream), andboric acid (disrupts our hormones and it has already been banned in Japan and Canada), among others. 

-> To learn more about the benefits of detox baths I suggest this great article, and this one for the toxins you need to be aware in commercial bath bombs products.

Simply Coco gives us a new look at bath bombs. 

Their bath bombs are sold in a kit of six, meant to be used weekly as a six week detox plan. Once a week you would use one of the bath bombs in your bath as a home detox therapy. Our skin is the largest organ in our body so we want to nourish it and treat with with special care. Instead of using synthetic scents, Simply Coco uses a wholesome coconut oil based blend of natural ingredients and essential oils like Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Ginger Root, and Lavender.

 The organic, non-toxic, vegan ingredients help expedite muscle relief and relaxation, and de-stress from anxiety and fatigue. The pleasant smells from the essential oils can help your body release feel-good hormones, calm your mind during stressful moments, and even improve mental clarity for better sleep.

The six bath bombs are: 

COCO BOMB: Coconut scent 

BEAUTY BOMB: Ginger scent

LOVE BOMB: Jasmine scent

COZY BOMB: Eucalyptus scent

BEACH BOMB: Beachy scent

DREAM BOMB: Lavender scent

The kit arrives in this lovely box, with a special note from the founders sharing their mission to do their part to stop climate change by planting a tree for every item purchased.


My Experience: 

Be prepare to have your room smell amazing upon opening the kit box. The fragrance of the aromatherapy essential oils in the bath bombs are pleasantly strong but not overwhelming. The kit box is made out of paper materials, a much better alternative to the commonly used plastic. The bath bombs are individually separated and labeled. 

I used Beach Bomb first. It was so relaxing! The bathwater had a slight blue color to it, with a pleasant scent. My skin was incredibly soft after the bath from the coconut oil blend and my muscles were relaxed. I don't need to tell you I slept like a baby that day ;]

I am super picky when it comes to beauty products I use on my skin. I am always in the search for the most natural, organic and cruelty free products possible and I want to share them with you. I am very happy with these bath bombs. Congrats Christina and Ralph for the amazing product!

You can purchase these sweet pieces of heaven here  and follow Simply Coco here

Have you guys tried Simply Coco before? What are you favorite natural beauty brands? Im currently in the hunt for the best organic, cruelty free beauty products so please share your favorites with me below. ;]